OMG! The Shattering!!

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Cataclysm, Death Knight, Guild, Raid, Raiding, Stuff, World of Warcraft

So, It has been a week since Deathwing came and literally took a crap on Azeroth. Along with environmental changes, the release of Cataclysm is in sight!

My objectives in the first 2 weeks:
– Get to 85.
– Get exalted for shoulder and helm enchants.
–  Level JC & BS to max.
– Level Cooking to max.

When I was on beta, I quested in the Mt Hyjal area, which was pretty much barney style quests. Only thing that kicked my ass was the Fire elemental in the crater :P. Vash’J was
also pretty impressive. Hyjal seemed to by quicker since its not underwater. I’m not dungeon grinding, unless I really need the quests to be completed. Wiping due to not being familiarized with the instance will bring major setbacks and headaches :(.

One thing I’m pretty excited about is the Dual-Wielding Unholy spec. So far Elitist Jerks has tested that DW Unholy, and it’s superior to a 2h spec by 5%. Still haven’t looked into whether Warriors will be choosing 1h’s over 2h’s. But so far our only competition are tanks and Frost Dk’s.

On a not Cataclysm related subject….

I was able to “tank” successfully 10m Lich King. Actually… a whole ICC run. Not a big achievement seeing that I’m rocking 277 tanking gear. It was a nice change though. My main problem is not calling out CD’s and being a bit nervous before pulls. This is something I would like to change in the upcoming expansion.

– This podcast produced by members Logan and Viktorious, is a life saver at work. 2 Guys, 1 guest, Numerous adult beverages….


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