Death Knights Lead the Way… (or leaded)

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Death Knight, Raid, Raiding, World of Warcraft, WoW

Patch 4.0.6 has been out for 2 weeks already. This patch deployed a couple of “nerfs”, and “buffs” adjustments to various classes to “balance” them. Unholy death knights were lucky enough to receive an extra “adjustment” a few days after release.

Dreadblade, which is the new mastery for UH Death Knights is a welcomed adjustment. This new mastery affects our shadow damage. Such abilities like; Death and Decay, Scourge Strike, and Unholy Blight. Still mastery isn’t as good as Haste, but definitely better than expertise and crit. Not saying that expertise is worthless, it still helps our GCD, so it’s viable to have on gear, but not the extent were you are sacrificing haste or mastery in order to achieve the cap. Strength>Hit (to cap)>Haste>Mastery>Expertise>Crit, are our stat priority.

The “BiS” pre-hardmode change a bit, not much though. Adding the BoE Ring, Boots from Chimearon, Pants from Ala’kir, and Cloak from Valor Points. (Note: Having such a list helps you itemize your gear properly. Understanding WHY certain Items are BiS is also key into gearing.)

Mind Freeze is still pretty frustrating to depend on if you’re on interrupt duty. Very latency relied on and even an extra attack can put you under the RP required to interrupt. (Darn that 1 second delay).

Still feel like “we got did dirty”, but life goes on, but we adjust and keep on moving. Prime Glyphs should be: Ghoul, DnD, and Dark Death. I’m actually replacing DD glyph with SS, seeing that DC has been nerfed twice. I’m still figuring out the exact DPS GAIN/LOSS for this choice, (need to run a week with DD glyph to compare). Yeah, I should rawr it, but it doesn’t take in account play style. Because play style varies depending on the encounter, and that can’t be sim’ed. Maybe DD is more beneficial on fights where you are out of range a lot, and SS more solely for straight up ground and tank n spank encounters.  *Note: I’m doing this with no 2 piece or 4 piece tier. So, Glyphing would probably change once I hit 2 piece. Yeah I’m a baddie*

  1. Galrauch says:

    L2 4p

  2. DK says:

    Y no updates?

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