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Patch 4.0.6 has been out for 2 weeks already. This patch deployed a couple of “nerfs”, and “buffs” adjustments to various classes to “balance” them. Unholy death knights were lucky enough to receive an extra “adjustment” a few days after release.

Dreadblade, which is the new mastery for UH Death Knights is a welcomed adjustment. This new mastery affects our shadow damage. Such abilities like; Death and Decay, Scourge Strike, and Unholy Blight. Still mastery isn’t as good as Haste, but definitely better than expertise and crit. Not saying that expertise is worthless, it still helps our GCD, so it’s viable to have on gear, but not the extent were you are sacrificing haste or mastery in order to achieve the cap. Strength>Hit (to cap)>Haste>Mastery>Expertise>Crit, are our stat priority.

The “BiS” pre-hardmode change a bit, not much though. Adding the BoE Ring, Boots from Chimearon, Pants from Ala’kir, and Cloak from Valor Points. (Note: Having such a list helps you itemize your gear properly. Understanding WHY certain Items are BiS is also key into gearing.)

Mind Freeze is still pretty frustrating to depend on if you’re on interrupt duty. Very latency relied on and even an extra attack can put you under the RP required to interrupt. (Darn that 1 second delay).

Still feel like “we got did dirty”, but life goes on, but we adjust and keep on moving. Prime Glyphs should be: Ghoul, DnD, and Dark Death. I’m actually replacing DD glyph with SS, seeing that DC has been nerfed twice. I’m still figuring out the exact DPS GAIN/LOSS for this choice, (need to run a week with DD glyph to compare). Yeah, I should rawr it, but it doesn’t take in account play style. Because play style varies depending on the encounter, and that can’t be sim’ed. Maybe DD is more beneficial on fights where you are out of range a lot, and SS more solely for straight up ground and tank n spank encounters.  *Note: I’m doing this with no 2 piece or 4 piece tier. So, Glyphing would probably change once I hit 2 piece. Yeah I’m a baddie*


So, It has been awhile since the last update, (YAY! HOLIDAYS AND WORK!).

Anyways, is currently 7/12 on 25m progression at the moment.  Everyone has been performing to the level they should be, including myself, so GRATZ to all of us.


  • Icebound Fortitude now breaks stuns when used, in addition to providing immunity to them.
  • Necrotic Strike’s absorption effect is now reduced by the target’s resilience.


  • Bone Shield now has 4 charges, up from 3.
  • If Death Strike is used while a Blood Shield is already active, the new absorb will stack with the old one instead of replacing it.
  • Blood Strike damage is increased by 12.5% for each of your diseases on the target, up from 10%.
  • Heart Strike now deals 120% weapon damage, up from 100%.
  • Blood Boil base damage increased by 20%, from 297 to 357.
  • Blood Presence now increases armor contribution by 30%, down from 60%.
  • Death Strike now heals for 15% of the damage sustained, down from 25%.
  • Crimson Scourge now has a 5/10% chance to proc from melee attacks on a target infected with your Blood Plague. (Old – 50/100% chance to proc from Plague Strike)
  • Will of the Necropolis no longer regenerates a Blood Rune but makes your next Rune Tap free instead.


  • Howling Blast now deals 40% less damage to all targets other than the primary target of the spell
  • Runic Empowerment wording changed to add “successfully” use Death Coil, Frost Strike, or Rune Strike.
  • Rune Strike now deals 180% weapon damage, up from 150%.
  • Might of the Frozen Wastes now also increases all melee damage by 4/8/12% while wielding a two-handed weapon.


  • Blightcaller (Mastery) has been redesigned and renamed Dreadblade. It increases all Shadow damage by 2.5% per point of mastery.
  • Death’s Advance (new talent): While both Unholy Runes are depleted, movement-impairing effects cannot reduce the death knight below 75/100% of normal movement speed.
  • Sudden Doom is now triggered only from main-hand auto attacks, and is normalized according to weapon speed rather than having a fixed percentage chance.
  • Virulence has been redesigned. It now grants 10/20/30% additional disease damage.
  • Scourge Strike now deals an additional 18% Physical damage done as Shadow Damage for each disease on your target. Up from 12%.
  • Unholy Might now increases your Strength by 5%, down from 10%.


  • Glyph of Dark Succor (new talent) raise the minimum healing done by Death Strike from 7% to 20% of maximum health, but only while in Unholy or Frost Presence.

Big changes in store for Death Knights (not really heh).  Howling Blast got its much-anticipated NERF.  Frost AoE damage was ridiculously great, tho even DW frost suffered in the single target dept.  It will be interesting to see how 2H Frost will perform.  Also, Hungering Cold now has a PvP duration of 8 secs. Chillblains now also causes the target to be rooted with chains of ice of 1.5-3 secs.

As for blood, they got an overall threat boost.  Even though seeing that Death Strike got its healing reduced, and Blood presc. armor reduced, the new Death Strike mechanic that involves an active blood shield should make up for that… Hopefully. ( I got with our DK tank about this he was more specific but I didn’t take notes… DK! ❤ no homo.)

As for unholy… I was expecting our little friend (the ghoul) to receive a nerf.  Our changes are more for balancing our spec.  Yes Unholy might got reduced, but our mastery received nice upgrade. Scourge strike also received its fair bit of loving as well.  In my opinion, haste will always be the better stat.  Reforging into Mastery (If you can’t reforge into Haster), might be another option to consider now that Scourge Strike got a bit of a buff.  Although, I should download the PTR client to able to tinker with the new changes ;P.

My Set Up:

So this is my User Interface.

Pretty basic, for melee.  I highlighted the Add-Ons so they are much easier to identify.

White:  DBM, and CustomPlayerPowerBarAlt (For the blind dragon fight, JUST because I prefer seeing %)

Purple: Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text (MSBT)

Pink: mRunes: I prefer this add over the typical DK one such as Magic Runes.  Reason I prefer mRunes is because it has a neater presentation, and it displays not only DoT’s  but also procs such as Sudden Doom.

Grey:  I use PRAT, just because I wanted to distinguish certain chats in more “simple” presentation.

Green: Skada Damage Meter.  A friend recommended it because I was having some FPS issues before I got my new computer. It consumes less resources than Recount, so low FPS’ers… GET THIS!

Yellow: Shadowed Unit Frames. Our warlock (Tim/Sxyman) was blabbing about this add-on a few months ago, saying  “all the pro raiders use this”… SO YEAH… Also, the neat presentation is a plus.  Just like Skada, It doesn’t consume as much resources like Pitbull.  It’s very customizable also, just takes some time to adjust certain settings.

Blue: Satrina’s Buff Frames

Sky Blue: Bartender4.

Anyways… that’s my UI… IF anyone has any suggestions, feel free to comment.


Our guild’s goal this is expansion is to be within the Top 10 guilds within our server. I, personally think this is do-able.  So far, we managed to knock out Magmaw on 10man, 10m Conclave, and Halfus on 25man.  Our best attempt on Theralion and Valionas was bringing them down to 31%.

10-Man Magmaw

25-Man Halfus

One thing, we are lacking amongst few of the players, is skill.  The DPS gap between the top 3 and the rest of the DPS team is pretty horrid. I compared our logs to the top 3 guilds on our server, and there is a huge difference. Those top guilds, don’t have anyone below 13k DPS.  These are my thoughts on the Issue:

Skill – We were a casual raiding guild in WoTLK.  Now, we are aiming to be more than casual.  With these sorts of goals, all raiders need a deeper understanding of their class. This means KNOWING the proper rotation, enchants, gemming and stats priority.

I, for one am competitive when it comes down to DPS (not to be confused for a DPS whore :p). If I’m not where I’m supposed to be at, with current gear and content, you will see me idling and researching through DK class forums to improve my play style. I believe everyone can do the same. Also, asking other players of the same class from higher end guilds could also shine some light.  I tend to get random tells from lower end guild players, asking about rotation and gear itemization. I’m always glad to give a few helpful tips here and there, or clarify a concern. Even though, when I explain things, it tends to get the other person confused heh.

Gear– At this point, you cannot use this as an excuse for your poor performance. No one is geared. 2-3 purples won’t magically give you an extra 5k dps. Everyone is at the basic ilevel for raids (or should be). Running a few heroics isn’t hard. Even in Random dungeon finder. Occasionally, you’ll get the group who have wiped to the same boss more than 10 times.  You can either:

A) Assess the source of the problem!

B) Re-queue with the group for another dungeon.

C) Leave and re-queue.

Patience is virtue, during these times. If you don’t want to spend Gold on repairs, or are afraid to wipe, then you shouldn’t be raiding nor doing dungeons.  If gear is such an excuse, then invest in some “purples”. Gear shouldn’t be that much of an issue until a few months into T11 when attempting hard modes, even at that.

Raid Utility– I’ve heard this excuse before.  Honestly, this is true to an extent. Some classes right now aren’t that great.  But so far the only class I’ve heard mentioned and seen missing from logs, or are continuously at the bottom, are elemental shamans.  Other than that, all other classes still seem competitive at this point in the game.

If one day I fall behind the curve, and I am dead weight to the raid, I would do the raid a favor and just sit out.  I wouldn’t want to hold progression up due to my lack of competence. It would such, but we are only as strong as our weakest link.

Lord knows I need improvement as well. This rant also pertains to me. Such things like CD and rune management. As Death Knight’s we shouldn’t be below number 5 on the charts. If you’re at 16.5k you’re doing fine.

Maximizing RP gain and Survivability

One thing I’ve loved so far is the benefits of using AMS at the proper time.

Halfus – So far AMS is magic during the mass fire breath AoE the aerial drake does.  Thus leading to RP gain and saving the healers a bit more mana.

Magmaw – I tend to pop AMS when he faces towards melee and sprays us with his juice.

Omnomnom System– I save it for either the fire golem when he does his massive fire AoE, or when I’m in the puddle and Electron is out doing his chain lightning ability.

Valiona and Theralion– When blackout is casted and dispelled, it helps mitigate a lot of the damage. Also, it’s helpful when you have a kamikaze range who doesn’t grasp the concept of GTFO during phase 2. It can be also used during the crashing of the meteor when stacked up against each other (Remember the 45 sec CD, so try to time it with other abilities if you are able).

That reminds me I should write-up about my UI and explain my Add-On choices  ;D.

Since the release, I spent hours playing WoW.  I wasn’t server first, or guild first, but I was among the first wave of new 85’s.  I quested with a 2h Frost DPS spec like I mentioned before, but as I hit 84 and ventured into Twilight Highlands, I switched to the 2h Unholy build.


Regular dungeons at the start weren’t THAT much of a pain.  For starters, it was a bit strange to not go in and “superman” the whole instance.  As a new 85 tank, even regular can be a bit challenging.  The environment of the new dungeons are amazing.  So far, my favorite would have to be Halls of Origination.  Not only are the boss mechanics are quite clever in that instance, but they are  rather challenging (actually that goes for all instances ;D ).


First boss in Halls of Origination ( Make sure you interrupt after pulling the levers ;D )

I have to admit, I’ve died to random damage that COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED :P.  In my defense, it was during the learning process of a boss heh, I atleast don’t constantly stand under falling rocks and what not.  In a way, I use this as a gauge to determine a player’s situational awareness.

Heroic Dungeons

CC’s are a must! IF YOU DONT LIKE TO USE YOUR CLASS MECHANICS TO DISPEL, INTERRUPT, SHACKLE, FEAR, STUN, POLYMORPH, HEX, SLOW, TRAP, ROOT, SLEEP,  OR SILENCE THEN GTFO… Healer’s are constantly either OOM or about 15% mana half-way through a boss encounter, so its imperative for us Death Knights to use Anti-Magic Shield, Icebound Fortitude, Death Pact,  and AoTD.

.AMS– Healers probably love us because this ability works like a charm when there is massive amount of any sort of magical AoE.


IBF– I tend to use it when there is a lot of damage being outputted by a boss and AMS is on CD.  Preferably I like to use both CD’s at the same time when I see a healer’s mana at 6% or lower.

Death Pact– Sacrificing your ghoul, [in which you lose a lot of  (unholy) DPS] it  is also a very helpful ability to lessen the load at those critical moments.  Not only is it recommended for DPS DK’s to sacrifice their minions [when actually needed], but also the proper DK tank should do this at very crucial healing intensive times.

Yup... I went Worgen.

AoTD– The mitigation of  damage is based off of a Death Knight’s dodge and parry chance.  This ability should be used as a tool for distraction though.  If the tank isn’t aware of AoTD, he would probably be pissed off at the DK who summoned them.  I have used AoTD to help our tank from getting a debuff that had constantly had him below 50% and was getting getting killed by the following attack.

That’s pretty much all I can write about right now, still trying to recover and get back on a regular sleep pattern.  Another topic I would like to write about it is raiding.  But so far, we don’t have any official raids planned until January of  2011.  We are doing benchmark raids where we asses our new recruits abilities, but I wouldn’t want to flame anyone…. yet [including myself ] ;).  Situational Awareness is key to success.


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-I’ve stocked up on ripfuels, no-xplode… (Iraqi “monster energy” drink).
-Anxious to get this over with.
-It’s barely 2227 and I’m already a bit sleepy… but Redline will fix that ;D.
Race change is in place, and ready to go Worgen… still debating whether male or female.

-Leveling with a 2h frost spec
-Pretty bored at the moment…

Should be an epic night, regardless lol.

So, It has been a week since Deathwing came and literally took a crap on Azeroth. Along with environmental changes, the release of Cataclysm is in sight!

My objectives in the first 2 weeks:
– Get to 85.
– Get exalted for shoulder and helm enchants.
–  Level JC & BS to max.
– Level Cooking to max.

When I was on beta, I quested in the Mt Hyjal area, which was pretty much barney style quests. Only thing that kicked my ass was the Fire elemental in the crater :P. Vash’J was
also pretty impressive. Hyjal seemed to by quicker since its not underwater. I’m not dungeon grinding, unless I really need the quests to be completed. Wiping due to not being familiarized with the instance will bring major setbacks and headaches :(.

One thing I’m pretty excited about is the Dual-Wielding Unholy spec. So far Elitist Jerks has tested that DW Unholy, and it’s superior to a 2h spec by 5%. Still haven’t looked into whether Warriors will be choosing 1h’s over 2h’s. But so far our only competition are tanks and Frost Dk’s.

On a not Cataclysm related subject….

I was able to “tank” successfully 10m Lich King. Actually… a whole ICC run. Not a big achievement seeing that I’m rocking 277 tanking gear. It was a nice change though. My main problem is not calling out CD’s and being a bit nervous before pulls. This is something I would like to change in the upcoming expansion.

– This podcast produced by members Logan and Viktorious, is a life saver at work. 2 Guys, 1 guest, Numerous adult beverages….

Cataclysm is almost here, and it will be my first expansion transition. My journey through WoW: WOTLK, started around a month before I left the Marine Corps. I was recruited by my old boss to be their Warrior Tank on Dalvengyr.  But when I actually went to get the game I saw the cover of with the Lich King on it, and from there on I decided that I wanted to be a Death Knight.  Only thing was that I HAD NO IDEA what World of Warcraft was about. Anyways after FINALLY getting to level 55… I was finally able to create……………… I actually felt accomplished. But it never crossed my mind that DK’s were pretty much different from being a warrior (Oh yeah.. I leveled as prot 😛 ). I basically just went with the flow, until hitting 80.  At the time, my old boss/friend, was part of a raiding guild on Dalvengyr, .  In which, they were patient enough to deal with my noobery.  I literally had no idea wtf I was doing.  But I was reluctant to get better.  My first raid was a 10-man Naxx, In which I got my very first tier piece. After raiding for a few months, summer hit.  Like every guild, we started having attendance problems.  This went on for a few weeks, until the guild started to fall apart.  Our “rival” guild on the server was <Incurro Noctis> and <Reloaded>.  Half the guild went to IN and the other half to Reloaded.  I went on with IN, but didn’t feel quite at home.  Raid spots were based on who was at the summoning stone first, and not based on skill.  After much debate, I decided to server transfer to Ner’zhul. Upon reaching Ner’zhul, I had no idea on what guild to apply with.  , was one guild I appe’d too, which was a 10-man guild. I was really looking into a 25-man guild, and out of the guilds I saw very interesting was , (TBH, I really liked the guild name… CONQUEST). This is all during the TOC and TOGC era, which was September of 2009. Thanks to the raid and guild members of Conquest, I was able to improve my skills as a Death Knight and as a WoW player.  At first, I was in awe of the professionalism being conducted in raid.  Intimidated actually.  EVERYONE for the most part played at a certain caliber that I was not used too. We went on too being Top 10 on Alliance and Horde Pre-ICC progression wise.  After a big overhaul with our raid roster, we ended up being Top 20.  Not bad though, major comeback in WoW history IMO. Experiencing WoTLK on Ner’zhul was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my time playing WoW.  I have met alot of great people who have enhanced my time online.  I’m looking forward to fully experience the pending Cataclysm with and on Ner’zhul.