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Posted: February 2, 2011 in Cataclysm, Guild, life, Raid, Raiding, World of Warcraft, WoW

Cho'gall down on 25m.

This is going to be an off Topic post fyi.

Loot… we all love it right?

<Conquest> loot system is  Loot Council.  Yours truly is on the Loot Council itself.  Honestly, it adds a bit more “stress” when an item a lot people need on.  For example Tier tokens. 

The way I prioritize loot is: Skill>Dependability>Attendance>Chemistry.


To me this is one of the most important factors when deciding loot.  Is the raider doing as much DPS possible? Is the raider able to keep the raid alive? is the raider taking in or dying to avoidable damage? Are they min/maxing gear?…. I can go on and on.


If a raider consistenly D/C’s or lags out, that’s a huge weight added to the raid during progression encounters. 

Is the raider dependable on handling interrupts, raid wide cd’s, boss mechanics?


Attendance is as important as the last 2 mention traits.  You can’t asses the player if he/she is not there right?

Constant sign-outs, are just as bad as not showing up for a day. Life happens and it’s understandable, but the raider not being there affects progression.


If the person is anti-social, that’s one thing.  But if the raider seems like they are going to leave the guild soon, then yeah… no.  Which is hard to tell, but sometimes there are obvious signs.

ANYWAYS sorry for the short post, but I’m pretty beat from work and life lol.

Next week, Ill be able to talk in depth about the mastery change for unholy. Changes to both frost specs. blah blah blah…


Cataclysm is almost here, and it will be my first expansion transition. My journey through WoW: WOTLK, started around a month before I left the Marine Corps. I was recruited by my old boss to be their Warrior Tank on Dalvengyr.  But when I actually went to get the game I saw the cover of with the Lich King on it, and from there on I decided that I wanted to be a Death Knight.  Only thing was that I HAD NO IDEA what World of Warcraft was about. Anyways after FINALLY getting to level 55… I was finally able to create……………… I actually felt accomplished. But it never crossed my mind that DK’s were pretty much different from being a warrior (Oh yeah.. I leveled as prot 😛 ). I basically just went with the flow, until hitting 80.  At the time, my old boss/friend, was part of a raiding guild on Dalvengyr, .  In which, they were patient enough to deal with my noobery.  I literally had no idea wtf I was doing.  But I was reluctant to get better.  My first raid was a 10-man Naxx, In which I got my very first tier piece. After raiding for a few months, summer hit.  Like every guild, we started having attendance problems.  This went on for a few weeks, until the guild started to fall apart.  Our “rival” guild on the server was <Incurro Noctis> and <Reloaded>.  Half the guild went to IN and the other half to Reloaded.  I went on with IN, but didn’t feel quite at home.  Raid spots were based on who was at the summoning stone first, and not based on skill.  After much debate, I decided to server transfer to Ner’zhul. Upon reaching Ner’zhul, I had no idea on what guild to apply with.  , was one guild I appe’d too, which was a 10-man guild. I was really looking into a 25-man guild, and out of the guilds I saw very interesting was , (TBH, I really liked the guild name… CONQUEST). This is all during the TOC and TOGC era, which was September of 2009. Thanks to the raid and guild members of Conquest, I was able to improve my skills as a Death Knight and as a WoW player.  At first, I was in awe of the professionalism being conducted in raid.  Intimidated actually.  EVERYONE for the most part played at a certain caliber that I was not used too. We went on too being Top 10 on Alliance and Horde Pre-ICC progression wise.  After a big overhaul with our raid roster, we ended up being Top 20.  Not bad though, major comeback in WoW history IMO. Experiencing WoTLK on Ner’zhul was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my time playing WoW.  I have met alot of great people who have enhanced my time online.  I’m looking forward to fully experience the pending Cataclysm with and on Ner’zhul.


Blizzcon 2010, was dope.



Pretty much got to know people from my guild.  I went to a few of the panels, such as the open ceremony, raid and dungeons panel, live raid… and I can’t remember the rest.  I opened my first beer around 1140am… What sucked though, was that I lost my ATM card :(.  But thanks to some of my guild members for helping out :).

At night we went to the TNB meet-up at bubba gumps restaurant. My fellow dancing partner was helping me promote this noobish blog of mine haha.  Our fearless Raid Leader was our DD, which was nice of him.  After TNB, we headed to the Dave and Buster meet up, where my GM ACTUALLY out chugged me…….. After about 0100, we left and headed back to the hotel room to continued the festivities.


I woke up with a massive headache. When I went looking for my car in the parking lot at the convention center, I was freaking out because I wasn’t able to locate my car.  Thank God, I was on the wrong level. I was afraid that my car got towed for leaving it there overnight, but I just ended up with a ticket. I left my pass with Rykga, so she could enjoy the rest of blizzcon, since I had to go to my bank to pull out some $$$.

Pretty much, saturday was a “recover” day for me.  Around 2030 I headed back to meet up with the guild, went to “Revolucion” Bar, in Downtown Fullerton. Pretty much I felt stiff since I had no alcohol lubrication for my joints haha.  But it was fun regardless :), really enjoyed it.  Headed back to the hotel, and ended blizzcon weekend with more beer and “Bro Bonding” haha.

Also, I was getting clowned on… about “Myspace Pose” pics that I have -_-

Pretty much, a great weekend. Slow start, but ended well.

Thanks to <Conquest>, for the alcohol and the time spent.

Oh, and I got “ICED”… and ended up throwing up. Logan brought up a good point. I had excellent aim, and hit the sink lol.

( Yeah, none of this is DK related lol)


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I’m pretty bored and decided to be like everyone else, and start blogging about my adventures in World of Warcraft as a Human Death Knight, and also LIFE!! lol.

But for now, I need to get ready for some hot wings and some cold Hefeweizen beer @ alondras.