One last shot.

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Cataclysm, Death Knight, Guild, Raid, Raiding, World of Warcraft, WoW

Recently my guild has been bombarded with Death Knight applications.  Our current raiding DK’s (including myself), are stellar.  Not perfect, but we are reliable enough to get the job done, except for the rare deaths on HM Marrowgar *cough* Smourne DK *cough* or the “once in a blue moon” cutter death on Halion (that one is all me… lol).

With that said, we are pretty much set on DK’s for current content, and maybe for Cataclysm.

But since we ARE RECRUITING FOR CATACLYSM, we got a few DK apps.  Out of 4 apps, 3 applicants showed little, too no knowledge of the class.  Of those 4 apps, only 1 was taken  for a trial run. Sadly, that DK didn’t make the cut. Dps was decent, not horrible but also not great.  So why didn’t he make the cut? Lack of environment awareness, which equals, DEATH.

Usually when I look at apps, I go straight to the armory page, and look at Talent choices, Stats, and experience. Also, when a Screen Shot of the UI is included, I look at pet abilities (if they’re on and WHICH ONES are on.), and Overall UI set-up. THEN, I ask my favorite question at the moment, “Have you reforged any of your items? and if so, can you list what items and why?”……… ( unless your someone I know who had the best app in the world ;),  it was a non-dk app tho … but if she was a DK… I would have been benched lol)

There was this one app, that made me sad. Not only a DPS Nelf… but the poor guy had NO IDEA, of his class.  One of our DK’s asked him:

The DK applicant responded with :

I’m not trying to flame the guy…but still, know your class to an extent.  I wish all the DK and other class applicants the best of luck :).


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